Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 22 - What Do I Really Do with My Time?

The days goes so quickly and sometimes I need to just stop and reflect on what I have done. Besides enjoying my family and playing with my three precious grandchildren, I have spent a lot of time painting, drawing and experimenting. Starting with January, [text deleted, a whole lot of text!]..... Ok.... I had to put it all down her, but when I looked at what the last four months looked like, I decided, nope..... I can't let it be known how much time I really spent doing art, looking at art, entering shows, taking classes and workshops, spending money on supplies, etc...... blah, blah blah.... nope, you would think I have no other life! By the way, I am having way too much fun and this is my life!!

Spring brings a lot of juried shows to enter, and I am excited to report I have received more acceptances than regrets! (a good sign!)
Two of my paintings also received awards and this makes the process even more exciting, although to me, just being accepted is a reward in itself. The paintings are shown below with the information about the show and the award if there was one.
Between Friends
14" x 11"
International Society of Acrylic Painters On-Line Show
Fourth Place
Walking Side by Side
14" x 22"
Texas Friends and Neighbors (Irving, TX)
First Place Acrylic
(woo hoo, a blue ribbon!!!)
Among Friends
14"x 22"

Texas Visual Arts Association Show Citation
Mixed Media
14" x 22"
Texas Visual Arts Association Show Citation

I continue to draw from models with guidance, a lot of guidance, and that seems to be sneaking into my work, mostly unexpectedly, and often a big surprise. I still have lots of layers and scrape back in, playing a game of push and pull, add and subtract, and more often than I care to admit, I just cover it up and start over!! Although these are all on paper, I am also playing with oil and acrylic on canvas or panel. Thanks for dropping by!